Real estate as an industry has been booming across the globe, with more properties selling than ever before. 

In Rwanda, more agents joined the business and it can be very hectic to find the perfect home for you in a timely manner. In this article we will share  5 real sources of real estate updates in Rwanda, Here you can find Houses, Apartments, Plots and Commercial properties for sale and rent in Kigali and Rwanda as a whole.

Each platform is managed by a real estate brokerage and will offer a customized experience.

Listed below are 5 real estate brokerages in Kigali, Rwanda and their addresses, the list in no particular order states:

  • Elimo Real Estate
  • Kwanda Real Estate
  • Plut Properties
  • Vibe House Rwanda

And their contacts and addresses are:

5. Quick Homes Rwanda

Irembo House, N.72 KN5 Road, Remera Kigali | +250 788 441 844


4. Elimo Real Estate

3 KG 611 ST

Rugando, Kigali, Rwanda | +250-789-517-737


3. Kwanda Real Estate

KG 5 Ave, Ikirezi Building, Kigali, Rwanda | +250 788 370 360


2. Plut properties

Address: 5th Floor, Centenary House, 8 KN4 Avenue, Kigali – Rwanda

Email: | +250 788 411 423


1. Vibe House

No. 2, KG 5 Ave, Kigali

0788 999 273

Thank you for reading through.